Winery in Montsant

The winery was founded in the region in 1854 Montsant.

From the very beginning of history, harmonious human activities and respect for the environment have coexisted in the Montsant region. These lands have been inhabited since the beginning of the 12th century. The Romans were engaged in the production of wine in these lands, then the monks. Already in the 19th century, the wines of the Montsant region (translated “holy mountain") received international recognition at exhibitions around the world. Today, there are only 60 wine lands in this region.

Total land area: 65 hectares.

10 hectares of vineyards aged 10-15 years of varieties garnacha and cabernet sauvignon

+ 7 hectares of land cleared of vegetation ready for planting by vineyards.

+ 48 hectares of territory with trees and vegetation, this territory can be cleaned of vegetation and planted in vineyards.

The concept of this winery is an ecological winemaking isolated from close proximity to other wine lands. The vineyards are located in the mountains, protected by hills, with the direction of the land to the south. Some vineyards are equipped with watering. Located next to the vineyards of Spain's most famous winery - Torres, whose wines are exported to 115 countries.