About Us

We are a real estate consultancy and developer, founded in Barcelona in 2006, with 18 years of experience in the sector of sale and management of commercial properties and homes.

With Fortreal and its professional team, the sale or rental of your property will be in good hands.
We understand the finer details of the Spanish real estate market.
We offer only profitable real estate in Spain
Fortreal is a team of experts keeping abreast of the trends in the commercial real estate market.

Our analysts always calculate for you the real costs, all possible risks and costs for managing the necessary real estate, professional lawyers will conduct all transactions in accordance with Spanish and international law.

With extensive experience in monitoring the market, we focused on working with the most relevant projects for investment, namely:

- Stable profitable retail space with long-term contracts from 10 years.

- Hotel business. Investments in this sector in 2023 exceeded the expected growth rates.

- Residential buildings showing high rates of profitability in the sale of apartment.

- Construction of cottage settlements with thoughtful architectural solutions.

The right investment and confidence in a profitable business is Fortreal.