The total area of the farm is 78 hectares, located on a flat terrain at the level of 230 meters above sea level.

It is located on two sites, the first 61.44 hectares and the second 16.58 hectares.
Environmentally friendly winemaking with the denomination D.O. Catalunya with registered trademark.
Ecological wine, by definition, is a wine made from vines grown in accordance with the rules of organic organic farming.

Ecological agricultural methods in this farm are:
- Use of natural organic fertilizers of animal origin
- Selection of grape varieties adapted to local conditions
- Mechanical methods of preparing the soil for sowing without herbicides
- Preservation of wild vegetation strip
- Planting of ground cover plants that enrich the soil
- Maintaining plant health through preventive methods and products of organic origin.

1. Vineyards.
Vineyard varieties:
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Merlot
• Cabernet Franc
• Sirah
• Chardonay
• Sauvignon blanc
• Gewurztraminer
The vineyards are 27.68 hectares, of which 19.55 hectares are red varieties and 7.75 white varieties.
All vineyards are equipped with drip irrigation.

2. Olive trees: 19.76 hectares.
Olive trees are equipped with drip irrigation.
Varieties of olives:
• Arbequina
• Picual
• Farga
• Manzanilla
• Empeltre

3. Mendal trees.
The area occupied by the mendal trees is 8.1 hectares.
• Marcona
• Común
• Largueta

4. Peach trees: 0.35 hectares.
Grade: queen crest.
The winery operates a full winemaking cycle:
Growing vineyards, processing grapes, fermentation, aging, bottling and storage.
The grape harvest is:
10.000 kg per hectare of red varieties and 12.000 kg of white grapes.
According to D.O. Catalunya maximum production in the region can be 70 liters with 100 kg of grapes.
• Production capacity of the factory: 240,000 bottles per year at 0.75 liters.
• Warehouse for agricultural machinery 264 m2.
• Underground warehouse for storing wine: 230 m2, there is also a laboratory.
• Warehouse for aging wine (crianza) in wooden barrels (14 barrels of 225 liters each).
• Warehouse for finished products.
• Enoveneta press
• Fermentation tanks:
4 to 20,000 liters
4 to 10,000 liters
4 to 5,000 liters
3 to 600 liters.
Red, pink and white wines are produced.
There is all the necessary agricultural equipment.
Residential buildings:
• Detached house with a total area of 300 square meters, consisting of 7 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a hall and a kitchen.
• House for agro tourism, with a total area of 91 m2. Consisting of 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen and lounge.
• Several buildings under reconstruction.
In the second section, with an area of 16.58 hectares, they occupy:
• 2.06 hectares: olive trees
• 6.87 hectares: mendal trees
• 3.29 hectares: not planted area
• 1.68 hectares: forest area
• and other areas.