Land for development in an elite cottage village

22 plots of land for building an elite village in one of the most liquid and prestigious suburbs of the city of Barcelona, on the Costa Maresme.

Total area of 22 plots: 15.036.4 sq.m ..
Total building area on 22 plots: 6.751.76 sq.m ..

The market value of the sale of villas in this area is 4.500 -5.000 Euro per sq.m ..


  • 10 minutes from the golf course of the city of St. Andrew: ,

  • 10 minutes from the new golf course to the bast of the city of St. Vicente:

  • 5 minutes from the tennis club,
  • 15 minutes from the beach and yachts of the club of the city of St. Andrew:

  • 50 km from the international airport of Barcelona (30 minutes by car): <!-- li-->

  • 20 km from the international English school Hammelin
  • 40 kilometers from Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia.
  • 2 kilometers from the sea, surrounded by forest and parkland. <!-- li -->