Hotel on the Costa Dorada

300 meters from the beach on the Costa Dorada

The hotel is completely divided into 5 minutes and 2 minutes. ентру города, ресторанам, общественному transport and из вестному прку ттракционо in Port-Aventura.

24 nights with a total of 73 hours.

The power is three stages with a power of 833 kv.m.

Capital recovery is due in 2016.

In the first place there are restaurants, bars, terraces, restaurants.

In the three cases, the number is 12 numbers in this case. же.

Some rooms are made up of a functional style and are equipped with desired memory devices.

In each individual system number installed, operating conditions, free Internet connection, TV and balcony.

We are using solar batteries for the highest waters.
The number of reservations is removed from the Booking system.

Reading this system generates 7.8 balls out of 10.