Rental business in Barcelona

Commercial real estate with tenants

The most frequent properties of commercial real estate in the r market are
 commercial premises,
As practice shows, it is easiest for investors to manage commercial premises with tenants, called street retail. Well managed, they usually have a return of 4 to 5%, and sometimes there are options with a return of 6% and even 7%.
Buildings with tenants with a gross annual return of 4 to 6%, car parks with a return of 5 to 8%.
Ease of management guarantees stable income, based as well on long-term contracts.
In this case Fortreal is responsible for a full legal analysis and audit. Our part guarantees that you will receive a detailed and objective description of the property in the present condition, as well as a real forecast for the future, based on an analysis of the potential of the site and a detailed study of the tenant's profile.
In case you purchased a commercial property without a tenant, our professional team will select the most suitable tenant in the shortest possible time.
We work with well-known national or European retail chains, banks, government agencies. Such tenants rent premises for decades.
It should be noted that as of March 2019, the minimum lease term for commercial premises is 10 years.