Renovated Castle on sale

The castle is famous for ending the historic battle between the Spanish and the Austrians in August 1714.

In the 18th century, Philip V added it to the list of castles that participated in the battle with the Austrians. The castle was rebuilt and renovated.
The castle is a building with a strong symbolic character and has become a point of reference for the development of tourism in the municipality.
Today the castle is a national treasure and is listed as a national cultural attraction of the Kingdom of Spain.

The plot: 10,000 m2.
Constructed area: 1,000 m2.

Spacious lounges with stone fireplaces, weapons room, cellar with two large barrels that have great historical value, spacious rooms with views of the Montserrat mountain and the city, office, games room, kitchen, bathrooms.
Additional house of 198.34 m2. OR
An additional building with an area of 273, 77 m2.
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